Andreia Afonso

Temporary Member - PhD student

PhD Student

University of Algarve

Research Group(s):


Andreia M. Afonso has a MSc in Biological Engineering (2016) from University of Algarve, having done a thesis untitled "Use of optical sensors to detect pathogen agents on plants".

She joined CEOT at 2015 and since then was involved in:

1) Research about the relationship between the optical spectroscopy measurements on citrus plants and its state of biotic and/or abiotic stress.

2) Research about the relationship between the optical spectroscopy measurements on citrus fruits and its biochemical parameters at pre and post harvest.

Presently she is a PhD student, funded by FCT, with the project "Non-invasive monitoring of kiwifruit ripening" (SFRH/ BD/131462/2017) wich goal is the development of non-destructive methods, based on Vis/NIR spectroscopy, to monitor the ripening of two kiwifruit species both in pre- and post-harvest.