A Bounded Heuristic for Collection-Based Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

IEEE Access


Wireless sensor networks are used to monitor and control physical phenomena and to provide interaction between clients and the physical environment. Clients have been typically users or user applications, but next generation wireless sensor networks will also work in machine-to-machine scenarios where some nodes can be interested in some other nodes' data. These scenarios may run the risk of becoming overloaded with messaging, a pernicious fact in particular for constrained networks where both bandwidth and power supply are limited. Resource collections can be used in wireless sensor networks to improve bandwidth usage and to reduce energy consumption, reducing the overall number of notification packets and wrapping overhead, required for the delivery of sensor data. This article proposes a heuristic algorithm for the planning of both routing and collections, in wireless sensor networks. Results show that collections are always worthwhile and that the heuristic is able to find feasible and cost-effective solutions, approaching its lower bound.


Year of publication: 2018

Volume: 6

Pages: 29858-29864



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