Networking & IoT


The Networks & IoT group joins a group of researchers from the computer-communication networks, mathematics and computer science in order to improve communication systems, networks, and protocols in general. Cutting across the boundaries of these scientific domains, we develop algorithmic foundations and computational methods using optimization techniques or adaptive approaches to enhance network issues like resource utilization, fault-tolerance, fairness, quality of service, energy saving, among others, with applications ranging from Internet access to emerging technologies such as wireless sensors and mesh networks. The Networks & Systems group is responsible for the research line "Bio-inspired Networks and Systems".

The main areas of research include:

  • Provision of efficient communication over (mainly, at this stage) hybrid access network architectures.
  • Provision of QoS aware and predictive congestion control schemes in communication networks.
  • Integration of wireless sensor networks, mesh networks, and the Internet.
  • The use of (multiobjective) optimization techniques for effective resource utilization.
  • Application of artificial intelligent techniques for multiservice networks.



Selected Projects

Crossbreed of IoT and biological monitoring

i-Five proposes to design and develop an advanced MAC that will be able to exploit the superior c

The overall objective of the project is to develop and demonstrate the feasibility of a novel cos

The overall objective of this project is to investigate and compare network architectures alterna

Project is aimed to answering some practical questions concerning very high capacity optical netw

This project aims to demonstrate a network based on Optical Code Division Multiple Access (OCDMA)

Selected Publications